Saturday, 29 December 2012

Adventure Time Marceline Coloured

A finished one image of my Sketch for :icondailysketchchallenge:

Another one for the daily sketch, the request was Marceline.

Now I had to google this one and as I didn't have a clue who she was, having never watched Adventure Time, after seeing the style the shows done in, wouldn't be hard to emulate.

So I coloured her up and thought I'd post her, also removed the lines, just to see how she'd look without them too...

Daily Sketch Challenge

Well I've left this blog pretty much alone for a while, as I've just not had the time and pretty much forgot about it.

But I've been participating in a small thing on DeviantART recently, a little group called DailySketchChallenge so I thought I'd come on here and share with everyone on here.

So here's the ones from the last couple of weeks.

Lobo from DC Comics

Adam West Batman

Captain America (from Secret Wars)

The Grinch


Father Time

The Other Hand
In future I'll post up in individual posts and try to include a description of each for better understanding.