Saturday, 29 December 2012

Adventure Time Marceline Coloured

A finished one image of my Sketch for :icondailysketchchallenge:

Another one for the daily sketch, the request was Marceline.

Now I had to google this one and as I didn't have a clue who she was, having never watched Adventure Time, after seeing the style the shows done in, wouldn't be hard to emulate.

So I coloured her up and thought I'd post her, also removed the lines, just to see how she'd look without them too...

Daily Sketch Challenge

Well I've left this blog pretty much alone for a while, as I've just not had the time and pretty much forgot about it.

But I've been participating in a small thing on DeviantART recently, a little group called DailySketchChallenge so I thought I'd come on here and share with everyone on here.

So here's the ones from the last couple of weeks.

Lobo from DC Comics

Adam West Batman

Captain America (from Secret Wars)

The Grinch


Father Time

The Other Hand
In future I'll post up in individual posts and try to include a description of each for better understanding.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day 17 (April 27th) - Draw-a-thon

well it's day 17, tomorrow is offically the last day of the draw-a-thon, I tell you what I didn't think it would be this much of a challenge, but some days it's been really hard to find time to put pencil to paper, but then again that is the original reason that the idea for this came about...anyway, todays word is: BIRTHDAY.

Mine - Most Important birthday of my life

Day 16 (April 26th) - Draw-a-thon

Well it's day16, and I actually forgot to send the word to everyone today :S

the word of the day was Nugatory, not a word I myself can say I've ever come across before, so of course, Natalie supplied us with the dictionary definition as always which was: Futile, trifling, worthless. Inoperative, not valid.

Now being a complete and utter geek, I got Futile stuck in my head, and with futile comes Resistance is Futile, the slogan of the Borg (god, yeah, I am that much of a geek), so my first idea was the Borg... but then,mymind drifted and I ended up at the other thing that resistance is pretty much futile to... a red head ;), so I got a bit carried away with that idea, and created below,I had to stop myself doing to much to it, hence the late posting...

Mine - Semi-Safe for Work, for a more NSFW version click HERE
( I know there's not much difference,but some people get all funny about nipples?!?)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Day 15 (April 22nd) - Draw-a-thon

Right, finally up to date, I've given everyone the bank holidays off as well, but I've made myself do at least two for Friday's word.

The word of the day was Augmentation.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Day 14 (April 21st) - Draw-a-thon

I know, couple of days behind, trying to catch up with the uploads, but here is wednesday's entries.

Word of the day was Recursive

Darren "Bear" Roberts

Mine - A very blurry infinity

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 13 (April 20th) - Draw-a-thon

Hi everyone, bit late posting this one up, got a bit carried away with the actual image, really enjoyed this one, and really like how the pencil work turned out so I'm going to post that, possibly posting the illustrator version later on... but yeah, day 13 of the Draw-a-thon, only 8 more days to go I believe...

Anywhom, word of the day was Haha.

Mine - Why So Serious?

Mrs. Merrils