Friday, 1 April 2011

Day 01 (April 1st) - Draw-a-thon

Well it's here, the first day of the month long draw-a-thon, we picked a random word today from the dictionary, for the guys from work, which just happened to be "Open Door", so far we've only had an entry by Mrs. Merrills, and a quick doodle I did in work too which are below, depending on time tonight, I might do another random drawing, but we'll see, don't want to burn out too quickly, well without futher ado...

Mrs. Merrils - Little "Open Door"

Mine - "Open Door" to the mind...
Darren "Bear" Roberts
James Studdart

Well we've had a few in, still missing one that I was hoping to get, but still happy with the participation so far...

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