Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 02 (April 4th) - Draw-a-thon

 Day two:

Random word in case of lack of inspiration was: Homing (to be honest, the random word seems quite popular with everyone)

A late posting I know, but I've spent a while tracing and colouring my entry,because my original sketch didn't quite scan, or photograph right :( anyway here we go...

Mrs. Katie Merrills - "Homing"
(Damn MAC users :P)

Darren "Bear" Roberts

James Studdart - Dr. Strange Pigeon (or how I learned to love the "Homing Missile")

Mine - "Homing Pigeons"

Really, love the out come of everyones today, so that's day two underwraps for now, 19 more days to go...

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