Thursday, 7 April 2011

Day 05 (April 7th) - Draw-a-thon

Hi guys, we're on to Day 05 already of the Draw-a-thon, as we've done the rest of the days we've had a random word picked out, today, Mrs. Merris let Natalie choose the word and she chose.... Sinecure
Now, I don't know about anyone else I had to look it up, and I've now decided that, that is what my job discription should be changed to, but enough on that matter, todays entries are below:
Darren "Bear" Roberts

Mine - Egregious Professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography

My original idea was to simply draw myself, as previously mentioned, but I just couldn't seem to pull it off, I think I may have a deep seeded issue to do with thinking of myself 3 stone heavier than I actually am... thought I'd post a link to it anywya, just for interests sake: HERE

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